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Alfonso Ribeiro Set as New Host of ABC's 'America's Funniest Home Videos'

The 'Fresh Prince' alum and 'Dancing With the Stars' champion will take over for Tom Bergeron. America's Funniest Home Videos has found its new host. Alfonso Ribeiro, best known as Carlton Banks on the 1990s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, has been named as Tom Bergeron's replacement, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. The outgoing emcee made the announcement during Tuesday's season finale of Buy Zithromax Dancing With the Stars, which Buy Cheap Zithromax Bergeron also hosts. See more Broadcast TV's Returning Shows 2015-16 Ribeiro, Buy Azithromycin online who won the ABC dancing competition last season, returned to the reality series for the passing of the Zithromax baton. The new deal will continue his relationship with the network. As the show's Buy Zithromax online longest running host at 15 years, Bergeron tweeted in March 2014 that he would be departing AFV at the end of its current season. He will, however, continue on with DWTS. As the network began its search for a new television personality, Ribeiro, who had an existing Buy Zithromax online relationship with the network (and with Bergeron) from his Buy Azithromycin time on DWTS, stood out as a likely candidate. He's also no stranger to hosting. Among his most recent gigs: The Buy Zithromax Cooking Channel's Unwrapped 2.0, ABC Family's Spell-Mageddon and GSN's Catch 21. Ribeiro will Buy Azithromycin online be the fourth person to host the humorous video competition series, now entering its twenty-sixth season. Full House alum Bob Saget kicked off the Vin Di Bona-created show in 1989 and stayed for eight seasons. John Fugelsang and Daisy Fuentes took over for a short Buy Cheap Zithromax two-year stint before Bergeron came on board. The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Ribeiro ahead of the announcement to discuss his Buy Zithromax online vision for the show, why it's still relevant and whether or not the "Carlton dance" will make an appearance (the chances are good). How did you end up nabbing the gig? It came together by the people at DWTS and ABC. When Buy Zithromax last season of DWTS ended, there were several producers that all said to me that they felt that this would be an absolute great gig for me. They suggested to producers of AFV to take a look at me, and they also mentioned it to Tom, who said, “Oh my God, that is just a beautiful idea. I’m on board.” It just felt like a great marriage. When I was there to do my test, Buy Azithromycin online Tom was there and he was very, very supportive. He let the people there know that he thinks I would be the right one Buy Azithromycin for it. And it’s a show that I’ve been a fan Buy Cheap Zithromax of since near the beginning of it. Buy Zithromax online I would watch it with my kids and I’ve always enjoyed it. So Zithromax somehow I came up the lucky winner. READ MORE Watch Alfonso Ribeiro Finally Reprise "The Carlton" on 'Dancing With the Stars' What will your version of AFV look like? Not all that different. I think they have found the right vibe for the show. The Buy Zithromax online difference between Bob Saget and Tom: Bob was about his jokes and Tom has really been about setting up videos and having those be the star of the show. I think that will continue. I think they are going to make some changes to the set a little bit and go with some different colors and just make it a little newer and fresher. But for me, I’m just going to bring my energy. I have a high energy and a lot of creative ideas in terms of dancing and singing and maybe I'll use some of those abilities to Buy Zithromax introduce some of our videos. We’ll just bring my vibe to it. In an era where everyone is passing around clips on YouTube all day long, how do you make the show premium? Ultimately, Buy Azithromycin online you can go online and sit at your computer, but the computer is a single apparatus. When you sit in front of the computer, it feels like it’s for you to sit there by yourself. One of the things that AFV does is that it's probably the No. 1 show on TV that has co-views, where parents and their Buy Zithromax online kids will watch it together. It’s such a family show, and one of the few family shows left Zithromax on television. I think that it’s a destination because it’s everything that the internet has, but it’s really brining Buy Azithromycin it to the TV. You can sit down as a family and watch. It’s the perfect time: It’s Sunday night, you’re getting ready to start your week again, you sit down, you have family Buy Zithromax dinner, you throw on AFV, and you watch it together as a family. What are your favorite types of viral videos? My style of video is when people hurt themselves. I just love the idea when people Buy Zithromax online decide to do something really stupid and then they fall and bust their head open and, of course, they don’t kill themselves — but they do it with the idea that they think it’s going to be really Buy Cheap Zithromax funny, and then they bang themselves up. And then we get to really enjoy it. There will Buy Zithromax definitely be some of those with me. Will we see the "Carlton dance" on the show? Who knows? Buy Azithromycin online I’m sure they will try to convince me and make that work.

'The Bachelorette' Reveals Winner of Guys' Votes

One of the men left the show during the rose ceremony to pursue the woman who wasn't chosen. The Bachelorette is finally down to just one lucky lady. Season 11's two-part premiere began with Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson competing for the votes of the 25 men. On Tuesday's follow-up episode, the votes were tallied, and Kaitlyn emerged victorious. "All I want to do is just run in there," Kaitlyn told host Chris Harrison after learning the news. "Hands down the best moment of my life, hands down." The elated Kaitlyn then called her mom to pass Buy Zithromax along the good news. "I just found out right now — I'm trying not to throw up," she gushed. READ MORE 'The Bachelorette' Season 11 Premiere: Kaitlyn and Britt Butt Heads, Buy Zithromax online One Guy Gets Kicked Off Kaitlyn's selection Buy Zithromax online was met with mixed reactions by the men. Welder Joshua called it a "huge sigh of relief" and presented her with a metal rose he had made. Others had Buy Azithromycin online been firmly on Team Britt, including David, Tony and Brady, and they clearly were struggling, with Brady in particular appearing quite rattled. The guys got extra time with Kaitlyn, with Jared opting to come clean and admit to having voted for Britt. Shawn B. furthered his Zithromax connection with Buy Azithromycin Kaitlyn, landing the first-impression rose and a kiss. At the rose ceremony, roses went to a number of guys who voted for Britt, including Kupah, Daniel, Jonathan and healer Tony, which bothered some of the other gentlemen. SEE MORE Broadcast TV's New Shows for 2015-16 Season (Photos) A big twist came when musician Brady interrupted the ceremony to tell Kaitlyn that he was taking himself out of the competition in order to see what might happen with Britt. "My heart is with the woman who left a couple hours ago," he confessed. The final rose went to Jared, who had admitted to Buy Zithromax voting for Britt, with a number of guys getting sent home, including Shawn E., the amateur sex coach who arrived in a hot-tub Buy Cheap Zithromax vehicle. Clearly, some of the dismissals were less surprising than others. Are you surprised Buy Azithromycin online that Kaitlyn won? Do Brady and Britt have a future? Do you think that Shawn E. drove Buy Zithromax online Buy Azithromycin home in his hot-tub car? Let us know in the comments!

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