Benefits of Daily Running

Benefits of Daily Running

The importance of physical health is becoming more prevalent in the minds of people. Although the demand for fitness classes and gym courses is high, a lot of people still choose to take a run in the fresh air instead of working out indoors.

Jogging and running are a popular form of physical activity that doesn’t require infrastructure. All you need is a good pair of shoes and the will to run! There are numerous benefits of running/ jogging. Some of these are:

Weight Loss: As running is an aerobic exercise, it helps in weight loss. The word Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’, any physical activity that uses oxygen with body fat or blood glucose to produce energy is called an ‘aerobic exercise’. If you run daily, you are definitely going to lose weight considering that you follow a healthy daily calorie count. If you look at a calorie burn calculator running, you will find that the faster you run, the more calories you will burn. Let’s say a person weighing 60kg runs at 5.5km/h, if he loses 250 calories in 30min, the same person will lose around 300 calories in the same time, if he runs at 7km/hr.

Improves Cardiovascular Health:

As you run, your lungs and heart adapt to increased activity. This improves cardiovascular health. You should, however, take care not to start with running suddenly. First start with a brisk walk, and then slowly progress to jogging before you finally work up to running. This helps make sure that you are giving time to heart and lungs to build up capacity. It will take a few months to completely switch to running.

Strengthens Muscles: Being a weight-bearing exercise, jogging/running helps in building up strong bones and strengthening muscles.

Increase Life Span: As running makes you physically active, your immunity improves and so does your lifespan. Research indicates that a person who runs daily lives 5-6 years longer than a person that doesn’t.

Improves Mental Health:

Physical exercise also has a positive effect on our mental health. This is because any sort of physical exercise helps in boosting the mood and reducing stress and anxiety. In case you run in a park, you also benefit from breathing in fresh air and admiring natural beauty. All this helps regulate your mood and impact your mental health positively.

Better Sleep Quality: Lack of sleep or disturbed sleep can affect your ability to focus and also have a negative effect on your emotions. In the absence of sound sleep, one feels lazy and irritated, in turn affecting their productivity. Regular activity in the form of running or jogging can help in improving your sleep quality.

The points mentioned above are only some of the numerous benefits of running regularly. Besides health benefits, it also helps in connecting you with like-minded people and growing your social circle. You feel like you have done something for your own well-being making you feel accomplished and content. On another note, while running can be greatly beneficial for your health. accidents do happen and injuries do occur, if you ever feel like due to a personal injury you’re owed compensation you can click here to discover more.


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