Singular Asthma Medication

Singular Asthma Medication

Asthma is an illness caused by airway inflammation. When Asthmas patients are exposed to allergies the airway inflammation gets aggravated causing the airway to narrow and increasing the mucus causing difficulty in breathing. Singular asthma controls and prevents asthma symptoms. Here is a list of early asthma symptoms that will give you warning signs.

Runny nose, chest tightness, feeling tired, headache, change in the color of mucus, and itchy throat suivez. If neglected it could turn in a serious asthma attack. To prevent asthma attacks follow you asthma schedule plan religiously by following all the prescribed medications. Stay off from allergies causing triggers. Identify the asthma symptom that triggers off the attack. This way you will able to lead a normal and healthy life.

Singular Asthma is a prescribed drug which is used to thwart asthma and other nasal allergies that are caused due to runny or stuffy nose and also due to exercising. It is obtainable in the form of granules and tablets. Granules are generally given to babies. It is dissolved either in rice water, carrot juice, mother’s milk or formula milk and poured into the babies’ mouth. Singular asthma is taken daily before exercising. These tablets block the receptors of leukotriene thus preventing allergy attacks.

This medication can be consumed either before meals or after meals. One has to take this medication at a particular time of the day daily to maintain a steady blood level. It has to be taken according to the doctors’ prescription for best results.

Stomach pain, tooth pain and flu are some of the side effects that are caused due to taking singular asthma tablets. Studies show that people who take this drug are less prone to asthma attacks as compared to those who do not take it. It is a harmless and effective way of treating even 12 month old toddlers. If taken a couple of hours before exercising this medication has helped in preventing asthma induced attacks.

The dosage recommended for each patient will differs according to their age, medical background and other medications. Singular tablets are stored in a cool place at room temperature.

Do not replace singulars for inhalers. Continue with the other asthma medicines that have been prescribed. Singular prevents asthma attacks; it does not relieve asthma attacks.

Singular Asthma medication belongs to corticosteroids family. The generic name of singular is montelkast sodium. Although singular asthma medication has side-effects it is not serious enough to list as a black box warning.


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